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Web Designing

               We are the leading web designers of Kochi,Kerala for the past three years. Our web design and utility services can provide an all new digital interface for your business. It is the perfect designing background that makes a website exceptional. With specialized experts in designing and valued service areas we at CacheIT Technologies generate top quality websites which are user friendly and SEO friendly.


               Website is a basic need for all companies and businesses these days. It is the source through which a user will try to make an awareness about a business initially. Thus, to impress the visitors right away you need an impressive at the same time user-friendly UI. We find satisfaction in developing GUI’s that make the user feel comfortable interacting with the system as well as smoothly navigating throughout the pages.

               We are a well dedicated team of designers and developers, thus making both designing phase and developing phase fruitful and incorporated. Our designers will work closely along with you to extract your ideas, needs and concepts regarding the website to make the design a perfectly crafted one.

               With evolving technologies, Internet has become a major tool to promote your business and advertise your competencies to millions of Internet users. This segment of audience will judge your product or service quality by what they see on your website. Hence a well designed, fully functional website will be a key success driver for your business. Whether yours is a big company or a medium sized organization or even a startup, the chance of your business's success is directly proportional to the quality of design of your website. A good website design assists in attracting and converting site visitors to sales prospects, and improves your chances of closing a winning deal on your products/services.

               With such a critical responsibility tied to good website design, you would agree that a good website design company will help you achieve your sales goals and bring in more business for you. With this objective in mind, we at CacheIT Technologies , Cochin, Kerala offer you our web design and web development services.

               Our website design service offerings provide the below cutting edge features:
               1. Our key highlight is a rigorous review of client requirement, narrowing down our offerings to best suit the requirement and choosing the best from amongst the suitable alternatives, thereby exercising complete adherence to end objectives spelled out by the clients
               2. Aesthetically pleasing and industry compliant website design and development services
               3. We offer end-to-end website design and development services at an affordable costing.
               4. Our website design service propels your brand on Internet thereby attracting more page views, better customer conversion and enhanced customer retention.
               5. We ensure that your website enjoys top of mind recall with website visitors
               6. We provide 100% guarantee of end product precisely matching your business requirement
               7. Our services provide complete value for money and provide significantly positive roIe.

Different Types of Websites:

               Choosing the right kind of website depending on the client's needs is one of the key challenges a professional website design company faces. An average website design company will suggest a complicated site simply to stretch their margins, a site that is not at all as per what the client needs. What we suggest (and what is supported by professional SEO practitioners) is to have the least complex site created that not only serves the purpose beautifully but also adheres to SEO standards.

               Some of the most commonly designed websites are as below:

• Static Websites

               The simplest form of website, where the site's content is delivered without server side processing. Used mainly for brochure or graphics heavy promotional materials, static websites incorporate features such as complex graphics, animations and JavaScript driven features. One of the main limitations with static websites is that there is zero user interactivity as they cannot gather information or alter site content depending on user actions/selections. Large static sites are expensive to build and maintain as changes needs to be implemented individually on each page of the site. They do however come in handy and serve the purpose very well for a business that does not require a large website or advanced interactivity. A static site developed using HTML and CSS will provide clean, compact coding and good search engine performance.

• Dynamic Websites

               Dynamic websites offer extended user interactivity and enables server side scripting that allows a database to deliver the content for individual pages. This approach works well where the actions and site behavior follow a pattern or norm. A dynamic website will allow login based access, can sort and search records (through catalogues or list). Generating website pages on the fly, using a database to store and deliver content, is an efficient way of managing a large site, with maintenance and updating generally much easier than a static site. However one needs to take caution to implement appropriate search engine optimization techniques when doing website development. Inability to do so will result in a poor SEO adherence and thereby poor ranking for your website.

• E-Commerce Websites

               An e-commerce website facilitates systems within its website to ensure safe and secure online financial transactions over the Internet. Just like a physical shop, one can browse through products on display, select the ones they like and then proceed to checkout using a secure online payment system. Many E- Commerce sites also include a content management system that allows you to add or update product details. Some also include advanced features such as automated inventory control.