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Software Development

               We are a successful Software Product Development Company in Cochin, Kerala,India.All over the world ISV's, software publishers and corporate conglomerates form our clientele that demand our high quality, reliable and cost effective software products developed for the global market. We help our clients to reduce their cost of software product development dramatically while keeping a control on the product architecture, intellectual property, improving time to market, and knowledge retention through dedicated project management teams based at Cochin, Kerala,India.

               CacheIT Technologies has extensive experience in end-to-end software product engineering lifecycle beginning with product conception to ongoing software maintenance, and updates for scalability. All our software product engineering services are offered in a flexible blend of onsite, offsite and offshore models. We have a proven track record on multiple technology and product paradigms and have hands-on experience in variety of technology stacks, programming languages, development tools and database / networking / communication / GUI / web technologies.

               Our software product architecture design & development services assist in conversion of a concept to a working and feasible blueprint. This in turn gets transitioned into a product design. We then help convert this design into a robust, well tested and working software, keeping a keen eye on that delicate balance between time-to-market, functionality, performance benchmarks and quality.

               Our outsourced software product development model is highly effective for all dynamic and proactive companies who really want to propel their business ahead of global competition by achieving the following critical business goals:                • Reduce the cost of software product
               • Leverage ready expertise, resource-pool and technical skill sets of other product development experts at high ROI
               • Reduced turn-around time for market reaction
               • Transfer obligations and concentrate on core strategic issues
               • Handle new technologies easily
               • Maximize the market shares and profit as much as possible

Customized Software

               Customized Software also known as “tailor made software” is an application that is developed specially and exclusively to fit and meet the requirements of a particular organization. It has to satisfy that client’s preferences. This is entirely different from developing a product that fits any one, or producing free software that are available easily over the internet, certainly with limited options.

Why CacheIT Technologies ?

               Our team of professionals have great exposure to the customized software development and they have proven track records in handling all the practicalities of the same. They work together as a self-motivated team to achieve their goals. We have automated many organizations successfully over the past few years.

               This Is Not a Simple Job .It is going to automate your client’s office and you can not be soft on it. So, it is a huge responsibility. This perception of answerability and trust is the reason which makes our job perfect.

How Do We Do It?

               Who knows everything perfectly about your company? The fun part is that it may not be you! There are other dedicated staff who better knows about the office, its functions and requirements. The first part of our job is to identify this man who ought to help us in the whole development process, because we should know everything - theoretically and practically - about the organization before we start. Preparing Recommendations you are planning to automate your office just to increase the efficiency and productivity. But many times, things get complicated with the installation of the software and it drastically deteriorates the performance. This should not happen. So, we prepare a document in which we describe what we are going to do, how we are planning to achieve it, how it is affecting your office, how it would ease the functions, what is its scope in future and how much it would cost you. This is rather helpful to understand how things will be going after the installation of the software. Now, here itself, you can suggest corrections and modifications. This, we keep the last point of improvisation because, if we are improvising during the development, it would badly alter the budget, it would awkwardly change the design and architecture and ultimately, it would direct the whole process in unfavorable ways.

               Design and Development Once the recommendations are approved, the pain is fully on our shoulders. We make a design and apply our mind to make it flawless and usable. Though experience matters, every new custom software development is a new challenge. So, we need your attentions and feedbacks from time to time. This is extremely good for you to be a part of the development process which will fetch you a fine sense of understanding of the product you are about to use. Testing Times Every minute functionalities have to be checked and certified OK. This is given extreme care because, many errors may take months or even years of time to appear. So, you have to pierce into the depths and foresee the possible future issues. Here also, our testing professional would ask you to be an integral part. Errors are rectified, the system is ready to serve you. Shake Hands Everywhere! Happy faces at the end of a project is the last scene, we assure.