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Android Application Development

               CacheIT Technologies is a leading Android Development Company in Cochin,Kerala,India.Since the inception of android development in Kerala, CacheIT Technologies has been there. Our mobile android app development team consists of top class designers, app architects, mobile strategists and product managers. Before Crafting mobile applications our expertise in user interface design digs into research to see how user friendly the app is. When working with us the best part is you are in tune with every step of development. We can put you in direct contact with our android developers; this is why clients love working with us. It is hard for any business to survive in this competitive world without marketing and branding. Even small business can benefit by offering free business applications to the customers. Android being a popular and an open source operating system for smart phones, business organizations finds it the best way to reach the customers and promote their brand. Customizing the android apps is the constituent which is the best part about android app development. Our developers leverage the full functionality of android operating system to create a flawless app to enhance the user experience. We believe the best app for you will be simple, elegant and functional by nature.

               Android OS is growing fast as a mobile platform and so is the demand for Android application development. High quality Android Apps development requires a balanced approach. You need to understand the necessity of moderation in functionality and the importance of aesthetic appeal when designing user interface. CacheIT Technologies have been one of the realms of Android application development and has one of best Android app development teams. At CacheIT Technologies, we offer a variety of native mobile app development services including Android, IOS, Windows and Blackberry. We build native Android applications from the ground to make maximum use of the functionality and characteristics which makes Android OS the world’s fastest growing mobile platform, and each app that we develop at CacheIT leverages those qualities to the extreme. When it comes to Android app development, we all believe that full customization is the key for development, not the exception. Our innovative, forward-thinking stance helps to ensure your individuality stands out.

               Our Android application developers are well experienced in the mobile application development domain and are fully conversant with Android Software Development Kit (SDK), OpenGL, WiFi APIs, Location based Service APIs, Android Security Architecture, Android Media APIs and other technologies required to build best in class Android apps. Our experience in Android Market Place coupled with our talented designers and extremely knowledgeable Android application development team gives us the confidence to take on the toughest of challenges and deliver outstanding Android apps. Our strong and experienced Android developers provides guarantee that your app is optimized for speed, performance and appearance on your Android devices.

Why consider a native Android app?

               At CacheIT Technologies, we believe in taking advantage of each app store to the fullest, and getting the most of the various operating systems out there. As you all know Android is very different from iOS or Windows or blackberry, but android app developers here have the experience and skills required to exploit on that difference. Our native app development services in Android makes sure your application is enhanced for performance, speed, look and feel on android devices running different versions, from Ice Cream Sandwich to Marshmallow. Every OS has its own specific look and feel, which native apps easily preserve. Native apps also have the lowest total cost of ownership. The amount of effort needed – especially among experienced native android development teams – to launch new features and sustain present ones is quite lower in native android applications than in non-native applications, which are not optimized for OS specific customizations. Security of your mobile application is another important factor to consider. Native android applications can integrate patches and security fixes with third-party framework support immediately off the starting line. Lastly, performance – Native applications are at perfect harmony with their operating system, with fluid user experience and top-notch performance.When you choose CacheIT technologies, you choose to fuse your vision with our extensive professional android app development expertise. Together – with you at the helm – we’ll go through the entire Android apps development process and build an app worthy of your brand. From conception to realization: we’re here to help. Android is one of the fastest growing platforms in the market today. Cache IT Technologies Being best mobile app developers on the market, we can create pretty much anything you visualize.